3 Best Fat Burning Foods

Many people might not believe it but there are foods that burn fat. It might seem impossible but researches show that a person who consumes one or more of these best fat burning foods loses more weight compared to someone who does not do the same – even if these two different people share the same activities and other food consumption.

Here are the three best fat burning foods:


Many dieters around the world prefer beans as their source of protein. Beans are composed of a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. One good thing about beans is that they are hard to digest. This implies that the longer beans get processed, the longer you will stay full and the more stable it will keep your blood sugar level.

The miracle component of beans is their fiber content. Fiber is a substance that gives your digestion a workout. It helps you have a smooth running digestive system and so allowing you to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. However, you should always keep in mind that the best weight loss foods are usually the natural ones and not the processed ones. Processed beans will only give you false hopes and it will not give you any help in your effort to lose weight because of their calorie and carbohydrate content.  This is why you should prefer plain beans instead of the sugar coated and fried ones. Plain beans have all its contents kept fresh and natural.

Skim Milk

Calcium has been a popular and proven booster of metabolism. So it can also be considered one of the best fat burning foods. There are studies that have proven the effectiveness of calcium in losing weight. One study tested two different groups. These two groups had exactly the same things, except one thing, the other group consumed many servings of calcium daily. The result of the test was the group who consumed calcium lost weight almost three times as much weight as what the other group has.

Sources of calcium include vegetables such as broccoli. But the most popular source of calcium would be dairy products. But you have to remember that the best weight loss foods contain fewer fats and calories. So when choosing a dairy product, just choose between milks with 2%, 1% or zero fat. These milk products contain big amounts of calcium but they have low calorie content.

Green Tea

For such a long time green tea has always been advertized as one of the best fat burning foods. It is also known for its high antioxidant content that reduces the possibility of cancer. It also has a moderate amount of caffeine that can increase your metabolism and heart rate without causing any body stress. Also, it helps people in having a healthy urination, allowing you to eliminate unwanted fluids regularly.

Results of studies say that green tea is one of the best fat burning foods. Those who drink about four to six cups of green tea daily lose weight faster than those who do not.

Special Mention: Water

Although water does not contain much nutrition, it is still one of the best fat burning foods on earth. Constant and several water intakes will; dilute sodium; stimulate excess fluid to get eliminated; quicken healing process; and reduce food consumption by satisfying the appetite. One more important fact about water is that it can make your metabolism go at its optimum efficiency.

It is also true that the kidneys are our filtrating agent. Kidneys filter out toxins and eliminate waste fluids from our system. But kidneys cannot function well if the body is not well hydrated. When kidneys run out of water sources, the liver comes to the rescue.

But even though that the liver is our second filtration agent, filtering wastes is not its main purpose. Liver’s primary function is to turn stored fats into energy that will be utilized by the body. So remember that the organ cannot do two jobs at a time. When the liver is forced to support the kidneys, it will not be able to metabolize stored fats in its normal pace. So drinking several glasses of water daily will make your metabolism be back in its healthy speed.

So for the summary of an effective weight loss diet, begin with eating one or more of the three best fat burning foods; then top it with 64 ounces of pure water for daily consumption. This diet will lead your way to an effective and lasting weight loss.

Believe it or not, there are many and I mean MANY foods that burn fat. And they actually have fat themselves! Not all fat is bad for you. There are actually foods that contain fat that you ABSOLUTELY NEED to lose fat. Fat intake to lose fat? Sounds weird right? I thought so too. This video I found explained it to me. It explains how there are good fats and bad fats and how to use them for your weight loss goals. take a look, its worth every minute you’ll spend on it

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