Braun 7280 Epilator Review

Here’s the thing with Braun 7280 epilator – many people like it, even new users of epilators. But what seems to be the issue as always is with the pain. What is absolutely true is that it can be really really painful at first but it can provide very smooth result. The pain subsides in continued use, which is what many users say. A lot of users just love Braun 7280 epilator, especially those who have gone from shaving to epilating. Shaving is not painful but using Braun 7280 epilator gives better result. And when compared to waxing, Braun 7280 epilator is cheaper and very effective. Some say they are hesitant in using it for underarms, but with leg hair, Braun 7280 epilator is definitely amazing.

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To summarize all factors involved with Braun 7280 epilator, here is an outline:


Okay let’s discuss pain and how much you will hurt with Braun 7280 epilator. First, using an epilator means pulling off your hair from the roots. This means that if your pores has never been stretched or ahs never experienced plucking, then using an epilator can be hard at first. It is pulling off multiple hairs, and for a first timer’s hair, pulling off a single hair can be difficult. However, if you are used to plucking, waxing or other hair removal treatment, using Braun 7280 epilator is a big relief to you. It is less painful than the above mentioned procedures and it is also very effective. With constant use of Braun 7280 epilator, your pores will be stretched and will be less vulnerable to pain.


People want to get rid of body hairs that are located in different parts such as the legs, underarms, bikini line, as well as the face. Different commentaries can be gotten from these different body areas. With the legs, almost everyone has no complaints about Braun 7280 epilator. But with the underarms and bikini line, a lot of the users say it hurts a lot the first time, as in a lot. But as they continue using it, the pain became lesser and lesser.


-        Moisten skin

Hair pores are really tight, and pulling hair from its pore can be painful especially when multiple hairs are involved. But when the hair and skin is moisten, the pore is soften and the hair pulling will be smoother. This is a simple technique to avoid pain. A warm bath or a few skin wipes can help provide you relief from dry pulling of hair.

-        Shorter hair is better

Although longer hair is easier to pull, considering that there is much length the epilator can hold onto, shorter hair is less painful, especially to newbies. The shorter your hair is, the faster the procedure will b. Thus, the faster the pain will end.

-        Brace yourself

This is just a simple advice. If it is your first time to epilate, follow the instructions, take my tips in moistening your skin, and take a deep breath. This will allow you to prepare for the impact. The first time is the hardest, but as time passes by you’ll forget how painful it was.

-        Take your time

Initially, put in a whole portion of your day for this. You might need to take breaks in between epilating because of the pain. Because you need breaks, you need to wet your skin (in the shower or in the bath tub preferably), and you also need to recharge Braun 7280 epilator, you really need to invest un-distracted time for this. This is just for the beginning anyway. In the long run, you can epilate in a breeze.

So as a whole, Braun 7280 epilator is effective. It removes hair and leaves a smooth skin. I recommend it to everyone. Just follow the tips I gave you and nothing unexpected will happen. Just keep in mind all the things I mentioned so you are ready to take those hairs away.

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