Gender Differences In Intelligence And Education Explained


It has always been a joke between boyfriends and girlfriends that boys can be a little insensitive and dumb at times. The word dumb is never appropriate is describing anybody, however in modern jokes, that is usually the term used. Furthermore, if in relationships boys are labelled to be the passive one, girls on the […]

Computer Health And Safety


As years pass by, the use of computer becomes more intense. Being born in the late 80’s, I remember using computer for the first time when I was in early grade school. That time, computer use was mostly for education and work purposes only, and even with work, there was a very slight reliance to […]

FAQs on Acne Scar Treatment


Acne scar is a common household problem and acne scar treatment is the most common household remedy. There are many questions that this matter brings up and there are many things that we should know about this. Let me lay down the most frequently asked questions regarding this matter and their corresponding simple answers. Are […]

Basics of Acne Scar Treatment

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In a world where beauty is initially judged on the outside, where beauty and tidiness is somewhat synonymous, and where beauty is the primary booster of self-esteem, it is an inborn obligation to maintain it. We all have the power and the decision to be beautiful. But however way we define beauty, it is always […]

Makeup Tips


  There are many reasons on why women put on makeup. Some to just simply enhance their beauty and some are just required to do so. Many jobs require women to wear at least light makeup to be presentable to clients. And if you are one of those women who have never worn makeup before […]

How To Deal With Emotional Struggles To Avoid Health Problems


  There are certain times in our lives when things happen that are beyond our control. The big question during these times is “How do I deal with it so I can live my life normally?”. The threat in letting your emotional troubles take over you is being unable to take care of your health. […]

Tips in relieving stress


Stress, as they say, is part of everybody’s daily life. However, even though it is normal, too much of it can lead to something serious. Stress is a big factor in many serious conditions and so dealing with it properly would not only help you avoid severe medical conditions but will likewise help you live […]

Puberty For Boys


  Puberty for boys may not be quite the same with girls, but generally both genders undergo a series of bodily changes from ages 11 to 17 approximately. Puberty is like the boundary between childhood and adulthood. This is where teens experience hormonal changes that will lead them from being kids to being adults.  Understanding […]

How To Whiten Skin


  How to whiten skin is one major question many people ask. Actually, making skin fairer and more glowing is not a big problem. There are many options in successfully doing so. Let me narrow it all down for you. Considering that whitening skin can go from natural to artificial and from affordable to expensive, […]

Stages Of Puberty For Women


  Every normal person on earth who passed by puberty surely knows how confusing that phase is. But with guided walkthroughs from parents and school, puberty is not really a problem. For those undergoing it, primary knowledge will help you avoid surprises and confusion as you go through puberty. For parents, teachers, and guardians, learning […]