FAQs on Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scar is a common household problem and acne scar treatment is the most common household remedy. There are many questions that this matter brings up and there are many things that we should know about this. Let me lay down the most frequently asked questions regarding this matter and their corresponding simple answers.

  • Are acne scar treatment creams really effective in getting rid of acne scars?

Acne scar treatment creams effect depends on its brand and its composition as a drug. Another dependent factor is the skin type of the consumer. So creams may be effective depending on many factors but good thing is that it is economical, accessible. It can also be considered the safest treatment because it is generally external so it can harm our health lesser if it would.

  • Is dermabrasion healthy to our skin?

We can say that it is healthy in a way because it removes the damaged skin part, it removes dead skin cells and the exfoliation process allows the skin to renew.  It is very much effective when the scar is elevated on the surface of the skin but if the scar is sunk on the surface, dermabrasion would be less effective.

  • How effective is phototherapy as an acne scar treatment?

Best results from phototherapy can happen when applied daily. This treatment results in the killing of bacteria that harms the skin. It can also be considered safe because it is permitted by the U.S. FDA.

  • Is laser surgery harmful to our skin?

Laser surgery has for some time now been in use for treating acne scars. The risk this has to our skin is that it can cause burns and thermal damages if not properly performed and/or if the device used did not pass the quality check.

It is never wrong to question something especially when it involves our body and health. We should always be very sure on what the outcomes are going to be before proceeding to anything that we want to do with our body. Lastly, it is always right to ask experts around us to help us decide on what is best for us in a given situation.

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