Gender Differences In Intelligence And Education Explained

It has always been a joke between boyfriends and girlfriends that boys can be a little insensitive and dumb at times. The word dumb is never appropriate is describing anybody, however in modern jokes, that is usually the term used. Furthermore, if in relationships boys are labelled to be the passive one, girls on the other hand are those who are said to be more attentive to details.

Additionally, gender differences aren’t always just a joke. It affects other parts of people’s lives such as in education. It is also very important for everybody to understand every possible reason regarding the existence of gender differences. Let us take a look at the effect of these gender differences in the aspect of education and learning.

It has been a noticeable routine that girls are more likely to excel in studies compared to boys. This is actually just a generalized idea for there are also boys who manage to excel in their studies. However, if taken as a whole, more girls excel in education than boys. The reason behind this is that the structure of the brain is different in men and in women. These brain differences are the ones affecting their behaviour both in school and in other aspects. It is important to understand that the point in this matter is not about boys being less intelligent, it is just that people have different ways in learning and that people learn in gender specific ways.

To be more specific, here are the physical differences in the brain of men and women that affect their learning process:

When compared to boys’ brain, girls’ brain has many different characteristics. They have a larger corpus callosum. The purpose of that brain part is to allow the right and left brain to communicate. This can explain girls’ better ability to focus and determine details. They also have a larger hippocampus. Hippocampus is the brain part responsible for memory. This can explain why girls have better memory compared to boys.

Boys  on the other hand have less “brain space”. This “brain space” is supposed to be responsible for verbal functions. However, boys often use their brain in spatial and mechanical subjects like Mathematics and Science. This can explain why many men are naturally good in these subjects especially in Math. Additionally, men’s brains are programmed to put itself into “rest state”. While women can actually be attentive in class even when they have gone sleepy and bored, men cannot be effective in doing this.

So as a conclusion, there are concrete reasons why boys and girls act very differently in many aspects. And these reasons does not justify that one gender is better than the other, it’s just that each gender has its own way of responding to situations and absorbing information. At the bright side, differences can be good. It sets balance and the collaboration of both genders can result to more intelligent and positive results.

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