How To Get Rid of Love Handles Fast

“Love handles” is a slang and improved term for a serious body problem – the fats that surround the waist. Love handles are not just awful to look at, they can also cause serious health problems. Good thing is, you can easily learn how to get rid of love handles fast and get rid of them. Just do a small alteration in your lifestyle and you would be on the right track.

Lose Fat All Over

If you have love handles, it means that you have an excessive amount of abdominal fats in your body. These fats are one of the most dangerous types of fats. It can cause heart disabilities and metabolic disorders. So decrease your abdominal fats to prevent diabetes and heart ailments.

If only there are exercises that targets specific areas only, then exercising would be less tiring. But the thing is, to target your abdominal fats; you must as well get rid of all the other fats too.

Three routines that can help you on how to get rid of love handles fast are: doing cardio exercises for a faster way of burning fat; doing some strength training to build lean muscles for a faster way of burning calories; and cutting your calorie intake to avoid massive extra fat storage.

Build Stronger Obliques

Obliques are the muscles on your abdomen that are also known as the six – pack. These muscles assist us in doing twists and turns. But if you have love handles, these muscles are covered.

So building strong obliques is one way you can get rid of love handles fast. Also, having stronger obliques will quicken your body’s calorie burning capacity.

The American Council on Exercise has some suggested exercises on how to get rid of love handles fast by aiming to get a more visible set of obliques. These exercises include: bicycle and vertical leg crunches, and captain’s chair leg raises.

Bicycle crunches is done by doing sit ups with a little twist. It is doing crunch twists while cycling your legs in the air. Captain’s chair leg raises is performed with the use of a captain’s chair which is a common equipment in the gym. Vertical leg crunch is done like a simple crunching exercise, but with the legs raised in a 45 degree angle from the floor.

Online searching on the exact procedures of these exercises can be helpful.

Eat Fat-Burning Foods

Avoid eating foods that add to your belly fat such as foods high in sodium and sugar. Try replacing them with belly fat fighting foods such as what doctors recommend. These are foods with fats that are healthy for the heart, such as olive oil, nuts, salmon, green leafy vegetables, dairy products, whole grain products, and fiber rich fruits and vegetables.

These foods are not easily digested by our system, so you will feel full longer. Also, 3 cups of green tea per day is a healthy way to get rid of love handles fast. It will boost your metabolism, making you burn fat faster, and it can also prevent diseases.

Check your Clothes

Love handles can also be a product of optical illusion. People who fit themselves into tight clothing can create a vision of love handles, even on thin people. So, to avoid ruining your great efforts to have a slim tummy, refrain from wearing very tight clothes.

So follow all these techniques on how to get rid of love handles fast to have not just a slimmer tummy, but also a healthier body.

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