How to make cake pops

Were there times in your life that you suddenly want to eat something sweet and can’t find any at home? Ah! Everyone sometimes gets to be in that moment when you just crave for a dessert and you wish you know how to bake a cake or at least how to make cake pops. Good news is that making one for yourself and for your family need not be very difficult. With the invention of easy cake mixes together with the creative cake pop pans, making your own cake pops is now very easy.

Here are some tips and procedures that you can follow to make your very own designer cake pops:

  1. Prepare your tools and ingredients:


Cake pops pans

Cake mix

Dip / coating (chocolate, milk, or any other flavors)


Decorative candies

  1. Prepare your cake mix. You can buy one at a grocery store, and you can choose one that is easy to cook. Just follow the instructions included in its box.
  2. Pour down this mix on the cake pops pans. Make sure that you pour down the mix correctly on each hole of the pan.
  3. Cover the pan with its appropriate cover or molder and put inside the oven. The holes in the pan and the holes in the cover will shape your cake mix to a perfect circle form.
  4. Allow the cake to cook in its correct temperature and when it is done, take it out of the oven and you’re ready to decorate.
  5. Put a stick in each of your prepared round cakes to make designing easy for you.
  6. With the use of the stick on each cake pop, dip them on your prepared coatings and start putting on designs such as candies or crunchies.

How to make cake pops is very easy. And the extent of your designs all depends on your imagination! You can even add up ribbons to make it more colourful and inviting. Plastic wrappers are also recommended if you’re going to do it for business. These cake ideas are sure to be loved by everyone from all ages! You can also make characters out of it or even themes of a party. So now, who would say that making desserts requires a masters degree in culinary? :)


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