How to Remove Cellulite

What is cellulite? Cellulites are the chunky substance located on the thighs, stomach and in the buttocks of most girls, women and some men. It is also regarded to as organ peel syndrome. It is a bunch of fats that ruptures in the connective tissues of the skin. The sufferer’s skin looks like cottage cheese or it can appear dimpled. One must be acquainted that cellulite is not injurious.

People having cellulite lack confidence and feel mortified if they chip in sports and do outdoor activities. They feel embarrassed to wear short clothes and swimming outfits and it eventually leads them to having a low self-esteem. One can get rid of this by a number of possible ways but none of them is miraculous. A few of the therapies to get rid of cellulite are given below:


Regular exercise burns the additional fats piled in the exaggerated area and at the same time it stiffens and harmonizes the damaged part. Three to four shifts of thirty minutes exercise should be executed per week. Jogging, walking and riding a bicycle are effective for getting rid of the cellulite on thighs, on the back of one’s thighs and around the butt area. On the other hand swimming, sit ups, paddling and boxing are good for reducing cellulite in the stomach and in other parts of upper body.

Diet alterations

Diet is the chief backer of cellulitis issues. One must eradicate saturated fats which mean avoiding deep-fried foods and passing up the ingestion of toxins like alcohol. Alternative diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, one must consume as much water as possible.

Anti-Cellulite cream

Anti-Cellulite cream contains Aminophylline to eliminate extra fats. It is cheap and anexpedient mean to remove cellulite. One can obtain results in a month or two. Creams can be utilized accompanied by herbal cellulite reducing supplements.

Laser Cellulite removal

In laser cellulite removal treatment therapy, low intensity laser is attacked at the affected area to breakdown the fats that are deposited in there. They are removed from the body via blood brook. There are different techniques for laser treatment. Some tactics use more than one type of laser to surge the blood circulation. Laser treatment is not painful and requires less time for recovery. Also, skin being treated with laser looks smooth. It is expensive and does not give same result for every person. Unhealthy diet may counter the effect of laser treatment so precautionary diet should be consumed. One must consider the above solutions for cellulite before deciding to go for a laser treatment.


The process of removing additional fat from the body via specialized vacuum pumps is regarded to as liposuction or lipoplasty. The fats removed from a specific part of a body can be transplanted to some other parts like the breasts. It is a type of a cosmetic surgery that was introduced in the 1960’s. The improvement in technology has made Liposuction more precise, less risky and the time for recovery has also shortened. However, it is important to know that liposuction is not a proper treatment for organ peel syndrome because it removes the deep fats instead of cellulite. Nonetheless, liposuction can be used with the combination of some types of massage and non-surgical procedures.


The process of inoculating various drugs for the reduction of excessive fats like cellulite is known as Meso-therapy. It started in 1952 in France and it is regarded to as the best known non-surgical medical treatment for cellulite. It is an expensive treatment and results are obtained from a few weeks to a month time. It improves the blood stream, elasticity and skin tightness of the affected area. It is a bit painful due to the fact that needles used for injecting drugs are four to six millimeters in length. The number of injections depends on the sternness of the cellulite. The patient can get back to routine activities after each session of treatment. Black and blue marks appear after treatment but one must not get worried because they will disappear in seven to ten days.




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