How To Whiten Skin


How to whiten skin is one major question many people ask. Actually, making skin fairer and more glowing is not a big problem. There are many options in successfully doing so. Let me narrow it all down for you. Considering that whitening skin can go from natural to artificial and from affordable to expensive, here is an outline on how you can achieve a fairer and more glowing skin.

How to Whiten Skin Naturally

Natural ways to whiten skin include using products found in your own home. There are many stuffs from home that can actually help in achieving healthier skin. Papaya is not just a tasty fruit, it has also long been popular for whitening skin. in fact, it is a popular ingredient in whitening soaps and lotions. Many experts say that green papaya is more effective than the ripe one. Nevertheless, both are undeniably good in whitening the skin. You can simply put one papaya directly onto your face or body for a short while and rinse it off.

Other popular whiteners include milk, tomato, lime, oatmeal and calamansi. However, direct application may not always be very safe because of too much concentration. So try to mix them with less intenseĀ  ingredients such as water. Calamansi for instance, is too acidic so facial application may not be advisable due to soft and thinner skin layer of the face. However calamansi is often used directly to whiten other body parts such as the knees, elbows, and underarms.

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